Tom O'Keefe

Tom is the founder of Stride for Stride. He founded Stride for Stride in 2018 to give everyone an equal opportunity at competing in races. Tom is also passionate about Running with CKD and proving that you can.

Upcoming Races

Date Race Location Type
05/28/2023 Boston's Run to Remember (2023) Boston, MA Half

Past Races

Date Race Location Type
03/19/2023 United Airlines NYC Half (2023) New York City, NY Half
12/04/2022 Winter Classic 5K (2022) Cambridge, MA 5k
11/19/2022 Philadephia Half-Marathon (2022) Philadelphia, PA Half
11/13/2022 BAA Half-Marathon (2022) Boston, MA Half
11/06/2022 Cambridge Half-Marathon (2022) Cambridge, MA Half
09/18/2022 Fall Classic 5K (2022) Cambridge, MA 5k
08/28/2022 Becca Pizzi 5K (2022) Belmont, MA 5k
08/21/2022 50th Falmouth Road Race Woods Hole, MA 7 Mile
08/18/2022 Mob Mile (2022) Cambridge, MA Mile
08/02/2022 Yankee Homecoming Road Race - 10M (2022) Newburyport, MA
06/26/2022 BAA 10K (2022) Boston, MA 10k
05/29/2022 Boston Run to Remember Half-Marathon (2022) Boston, MA Half
05/22/2022 Harpoon 5-Miler (2022) Boston, MA 5 Miler
04/24/2022 Brooklyn Half-Marathon Brooklyn, NY Half
04/16/2022 BAA 5K (2022) Boston, MA 5k
02/06/2022 Miami Half Marathon (2022) Miami, FL Half
11/25/2021 Gobble Gobble Gobble Somerville, MA 4-MIler
11/20/2021 Philadelphia Half-Marathon (2021) Philadephia, PA Half
11/07/2021 Cambridge Half Marathon (2021) Cambridge, MA Half
09/16/2021 Cambridge Fall Classic Cambridge, MA 5K
06/13/2021 Newburyport Half Newburyport, MA Half
05/05/2019 Providence Marathon Providence, RI Marathon
04/15/2019 Boston Marathon (2019) Boston, MA Marathon